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We specialize in converting appointments into valued patients, leveraging over a decade of expertise in medical paid advertising. Our refined strategies go beyond lead generation, emphasizing quality engagements. Our proven track record ensures that each secured appointment evolves into a lasting and meaningful patient relationship.

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We position you as the #1 go-to authority in your local market on and offline.

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Leverage our In-Market Positioning Technology™ that has been coined the nickname SEO 2.0.

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No Paid Ads, No Leads, No Learning New Software … Simply More Phone Calls to Your Business

Advertising That Drives Revenue

Place Ads Where Your Audience Converts

Accelerate your growth goals with engaging ads tailored to your target audience. Our dedicated paid media team excels in keyword research, identifies optimal ad platforms, and handles media buying across various channels. From Facebook to TikTok, our specialists, alongside expert copywriters and designers, ensure your ads stand out, driving down CPAs and maximizing success.

High-Converting Paid Ad Campaigns with a Strict Focus on ROAS

Our primary focus is boosting conversions and Return On Ad Spend. Employing well-structured ad campaigns and adhering to copywriting best practices, we swiftly enhance your conversion rates. In the realm of paid search, our four-tiered campaign structure—brand core, brand pillars, brand attributes, and long tail—efficiently captures non-brand search demand while optimizing ROAS on branded search. Our adept paid advertising professionals conduct audits, pinpoint issues in your ad accounts, and offer effective solutions for immediate performance improvement when you partner with Inbound Calls.

Expert Keyword Research

We meticulously pinpoint the most pertinent and widely-searched keywords tailored to effectively reach and resonate with your desired audience. Our goal is to optimize your advertising budget by selecting keywords that not only draw substantial traffic but also enhance user engagement and drive conversions. Through strategic keyword selection, we ensure that your online presence aligns seamlessly with the interests and search behaviors of your target demographic, ultimately maximizing the impact of your advertising efforts.

Multi-Media Approach

We combine the art of ad copywriting with the visual appeal of custom-branded graphics, engaging slideshows, dynamic video carousels, attention-grabbing meme ads, and a range of other creative elements. This comprehensive approach is designed to elevate the overall performance of your advertisements across diverse platforms. By seamlessly integrating compelling copy with visually striking and innovative elements, we aim to captivate your target audience's attention, enhance brand visibility, and drive higher levels of engagement.

Omnichannel Ad Placement

Our omnichannel ad package utilizes at least three major platforms, including Google Search, Google Display, and leading social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube. This comprehensive approach ensures widespread visibility and effective engagement across diverse online spaces. By strategically leveraging multiple channels, we aim to maximize the reach and impact of your advertising campaigns. From search engine visibility to social media presence and video content dissemination, our strategy covers a broad spectrum of platforms for optimal results.

Transforming Appointments into Lifelong Patients

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Just Inbound Calls ... No More Paid Ads or Leads

Here at InboundCalls.io, our done-for-you proprietary marketing service (Local Domination System™) is guaranteed to rank you as the #1 go-to authority in your industry, in turn skyrocketing your Inbound Calls, without the need for paid ads or expensive marketing tactics ... say goodbye to dead-end leads and learning new complicated software.

We've developed our own system coined In-Market Positioning Technology™ that allows us to help our clients dominate their local market across all online search and social media platforms 100% organically.

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