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Start The Journey Today, Establish Your Business as the Trusted Authority In Your Community.

100% USA Owned & Operated

Servicing All 50 States

Exclusive Data & Innovative Technology

Managed Over $2.3M in Ad Spend

Why Our Clients Love the InboundCalls.io Local Domination System™

5000+ Total Customers:

$2.3 Million in Ad Spend

427,484 Leads Generated 

  • Save Time: Tailored marketing campaigns based on your businesses allocated ad spend.

  • Preserve Your Branding: No need to discount your services to generate new patients.

  • Develop Your Online Presence: Reach new customers that are online looking and looking for your services.

  • Become a Local Authority: Rank as the go-to #1 provider in your industry across the web.

  • Proprietary Technology: Leverage exclusive data & innovative technology in your marketing campaigns.

  • Certified and Experienced: Over 1000+ Documented Hours of Marketing Training from Industry leaders.

Meet Your Leadership Team...



Aryah Harrison

​ Director of Marketing and Analytics at Omni Media

​ ​​Oversaw Multi-Billion Dollar Global Brands

​ ​​Led Data Analysis Efforts at Omni Media

Agency President

Agency President

Colby Flynn

​ Consulted with 5,000+ Professionals Nationwide

​ Ran Operations for 4 Multi-Million Dollar Organizations

​ Worked alongside industry leaders like Daymond John, Russel Brunson, etc.



Jake Setterlun

​ ​​10+ Years of Media Buying & Marketing Experience

​ Co-Founded 5 Sales & Media Buying Companies

​ 3x 2CC Award Winner from ClickFunnels

"When executed properly Lead Latcher's IPL technology gives it's users the power to siphon up to 40% of their competitor's traffic, in-turn allowing them to massively scale their businesses."

- Ross Crisstfuli, Senior Advisor of InboundCalls.io


Local Domination System™ is our unique done-for-you client acquisition system that enables our partners to generate a consistent flow of Exclusive & Qualified Conversations & Appointments with New Customers month after month.

Step 1: In-Market Targeting

Our targeting methods ensure we get your brand & ad in front of motivated leads that are actively looking for your services.

Using our 3-Layer Targeting Strategy to Target In-Market Customers

1. Location

Pin-Point Territory Targeting

Target your specific territory based on radius, city, county or state.

2. Online Behavior

Online Behaviors & Search History
Show up as the solution in front of in-market customers actively in the market.

3. Pixel & Retargeting

Stay Engaged & Find Others Stay Top-Of-Mind with your potential prospects through the sales process and others that are just starting. 

Step 2: Multi-Channel Advertising

Using our Proprietary 360 Omnipresent Approach, we target your ideal customer across the web and position you as the go-to business until they decide to reach out.

Positioning Yourself As the Solution Across the Web





Mobile Apps

Video Feeds

Step 3: We Qualify Every Client Request You Receive

Done-For-You Qualification

Every lead you receive an application from is qualified for you through our system!

1 - Set Qualification Benchmarks: We work with you to set specific client qualification benchmarks to your liking based on Timeline, Age, Credit, etc.

2 - Open The Flood Gates: After we have your benchmarks set, we are ready to start running ads and allowing people apply to work with you.

3 - Qualified Prospects: Once you start receiving applications, we sort out the unqualified applications leaving you with prospects that actually have the INTENT & MEANS to close.

4 - Appointment Setting: Finally after the application is qualified, our system automatically prompts leads to either book right with you on your calendar or message you to talk. 

After Clicking on the Ad and Becoming a Lead, Prospects Apply to Work with You

Landing Page:

Application Question Examples:

Step 4: A.I. Appointment Booking

Our Chat A.I Automatically Books Qualified Prospects on Your Calendar

Qualified Applicants Book an Appointment with You Directly On Your Calendar

Booked Appointment Examples:

Included: Lifetime Access to Our Lead Management Software

Stay in front of your prospects throughout the sales process & seamlessly turn 1 closed lead into 3+ referrals.

Lead Nurturing + Referral Generation

We NURTURE your leads until they are ready to get started & Automatically turn closed leads into ENDLESS REFERRALS.

This is done using our high converting SMS, Voicemail, Call & Email campaigns tailored to where the lead is at in the process.

Included Features:

CRM (Lifetime Access)

Lead Texting

AI Chat


Lead Routing and Scoring

Referral Generator

Lead Texting

Social Media Posting

Professional Website

Lead Qualification

Training Portal

Appointment Booking

KPI Reporting Suite

Workflows & Automations

Invoicing & Proposals

Ongoing Support

We are here to help you every step of the way!

Our Dedicated Customer Support Pros Are Here to Help With Any Questions You May Have

4 Layers of White Glove Support Includes:

4 Layers of White Glove Support Includes:

  1-on-1 Video Onboarding

  Support Ticketing & Chat System

  White Glove Setup & Account Registration

  Biweekly Reports & Analytics

ROI Breakdown & Expectations

System, Data & Lead Exclusivity

Metaverse Marketing w/ Proven Offers

Establish Yourself as the Go-To Local Authority in Your Community

Talk ONLY to Qualified Prospects That Are Reaching Out to You!

NO Long Term Contracts

Lifetime Access to Our Marketing System & the Ads We Create for You

What Does This All Cost?

Local Domination System™ - LIFETIME ACCESS

$997 (One-Time Setup)

Ad-Spend & Phone Number

Not Included

50% Management Fee for Adspend Under $1k/m

40% Management Fee for Adspend Under $1k-$5k/m

30% Management Fee for Adspend Under $5k-$10k/m

20% Management Fee for Adspend Under $10k+/m

$97/Month + Usage for Guaranteed Comms CRM Account

In-Market Targeting™ Setup

Meta Advertising System Buildout (Done-For-You Setup)

Lifetime CRM Access (See Overview)

Lead Nurturing via Call/Text/Email in Our CRM

Lead Qualification Funnel Setup

A.I. Appointment Booking System

Referral and Review Generation System

Ad Account Assistance & Consulting

Database Retargeting & Reactivation

1-on-1 Onboarding Call

Professional Support (Mon-Fri)

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